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FT-IR spectroscopy for biological and biomedical applications

FT-IR spectroscopy for biological and biomedical applications


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We would like to invite you to a webinar on FT-IR spectroscopy for biological and biomedical applications, which will take place on October 20th at 17:00. In the first part of the webinar you can look forward to Prof. Dr. Werner Mäntele, who will introduce you to the issue of the influence of protein structure on its function and their analysis using FT-IR spectroscopy. Examples from real scientific practice are also prepared for you.

Then there is a lecture of Dr. Suja Sukumaran who will focus on practical experimental aspects of protein analysis using FT-IR spectroscopy. You can also look forward to live demonstrations of protein measurements in various forms: in powder, solution and particles. At the end of the webinar you will see an illustrative example of analysis in the food industry. The lecture is suitable for protein biochemists, structural biologists, QA/QC managers and analysts in biopharmacological and medical companies, food scientists and others who want to expand their knowledge in this field.

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Key learning objectives:

  • Understand protein structure-function correlation
  • Learn novel IR applications in medical research
  • Learn principles and practices of protein analysis by FTIR
  • Learn multi-modal protein analysis

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