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Fast, accurate, reliable and inexpensive gas analysis with MAX-iR FT-IR spectrometers

Fast, accurate, reliable and inexpensive gas analysis with MAX-iR FT-IR spectrometers


For many industrial processes, it is absolutely essential to have a reliable technique that enables fast, simple, accurate and safe gas analysis. However, traditionally used methods such as CG or CG-MS are slow and the operation of such instruments is too expensive.

Therefore, it is directly suggested to focus attention on molecular spectroscopy techniques. Thermo Scientific offers the revolutionary MAX-iR FT-IR gas analyzer, which, thanks to Max’s StarBoost patented technology, allows you to achieve ppb or ppt sensitivity in real-world conditions.

MAX-iR FT-IR analyzers achieve these unique parameters not only thanks to the StarBoost technology, but also thanks to the nature of infrared spectroscopy itself: Each molecule has its own unique vibrations, so it is possible to analyze several gases at the same time using the resulting spectrum. In less than a minute, you will get information about the concentrations of all monitored components of the mixture, and of course you can also analyze complex samples.

In addition to using all the advantages typical of FT-IR spectroscopy, such as extreme speed, low cost of operation, maintenance and analysis, and simplicity of operation, MAX-iR analyzers are equipped with a ten-meter gas cell that provides exceptional measurement sensitivity, and technical design that does not require liquid nitrogen cooling. In addition, the spectrometers are controlled by a program that includes extensive spectral libraries that allow, among other things, identification of unknown substances and development of own methods. More information can be found here.

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