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DXR3xi Imaging Raman microscope: New in 2020

DXR3xi Imaging Raman microscope: New in 2020


Unprecedently fast Raman Chemical Imaging new Thermo Scientific DXR3xiRaman microspectrometer with EMCCD detector.

In 2020, Thermo Scientific takes Raman microscopy to a whole new level of use. Completely new solution for synchronizing the movement of a piezoelectrically controlled microscope stage with an EMCCD detector is unigue. All system components (lasers, gratings, filters) are user-replaceable and automatically detectable, the control program also allows the optimization of all system parameters in real time. The combination of these factors leads to an intensive simplification of the analysis of all types of materials by Raman microspectroscopy. More info here.

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