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Analysis of tobacco and tobacco products

Tobacco analysis

Tobacco is one of the most widely used plants in the world. It can be said that its processing is part of the local culture in many countries. However, since it is a light drug and much attention is paid to its desired and side effects, it is necessary that the plant itself and its products are carefully monitored. Nevertheless, this can be quite challenging, because not only each tobacco product is processed differently, but individual plants can vary depending on the variety and the conditions under which they grow. In order for manufacturers to be able to ensure the sufficient quality of their products, it is necessary to have a reliable and fast method of analysis. Traditional "wet chemistry" procedures are time consuming as well as staff expertise, though. Often, only one sample parameter can be analyzed by one method. In the case of tobacco, in which we have to monitor the content of 16 different substances, this can mean tens of hours spent on lengthy laboratory procedures.

With FT-NIR spectrometer Antaris II you can accurately determine content of nicotine, total sugar, residual sugar, nitrogen, potassium, chlorine, volatile acids, volatile bases, sulfates, starch, cellulose, polyphenols, petroleum ether extracts, ash, and more in a matter of tens of seconds. In addition, there is no need to modify the samples: the spectrometer is adapted to measure homogeneous and heterogeneous samples, in liquid, gel, solid, powder and pasty form.

The Nicolet iS5N is a small, easy-to-use, reliable and low-maintenance FT-NIR spectrometer that makes near-infrared spectroscopy accessible to all users, not just spectroscopic professionals.
Its unique design allows deployment in both process and laboratory conditions to control the composition and uniformity of products and intermediates, identification of raw materials, and verification of products.

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