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iRaman Plus


iRaman Plus

The portable Raman spectrometer iRaman™ Plus is unique with its high resolution, choice of three different excitation lasers (532 nm and 785 nm) and especially its easy portability! The possibility of connecting a microscope is also unique (more here).

Portable Raman spectrometer i-Raman Plus

The device is powered by a battery (optional) or directly from the power network. The delivery includes a laptop with software for data processing (including chemometric analysis). The weight of the device is only 3 kg.

This unique spectrometer can also be used in combination with a specialized motorized tripod and microscope for measurements directly at heights (cave walls, cultural heritage buildings, etc.). More info here!

Another option is to use the SERStechnique. More info here.

The portable Raman spectrometer iRaman Plus with all accessories is delivered in an elegant solid case (with wheels) for easy transport. Optionally with a microscope.

More information also here.

The FT-IR spectrometers iS50 can be easily expanded with all the possibilities of Raman spectroscopy, but also microscopy using the new internal FT-Raman module. It is equipped with an excitation laser 1064 nm with software selectable power.

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